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1.Link was has denied Seraphinas offer to become mates! It turns out that he is not leaving the Packs, he just wanted to let her down easy. Seraphina is greatful for both the fact that he is not leaving and that he did his best to let her down easy and not hurt her.

2.We are in need of new ideas! Send your ideas to or message Blossom Powerpuff on Wikia.

3.We update the site WEEKLY , so don't forget to check it out!

4.The Fire Pack is currently open for members! We would love it if you checked it out!

5. The Ghost Pack needs an Alpha Male and Female! Please contact Blossom to become one.

6. The new idea is ready to come into the world of the packs! Just stick around a little longer to see what it is!

7. Go to Hollyfur's Celebration to say your last goodbyes! Today is the last day that she will be with us, so please come and attend the party!